CDBG Announces Second Round of 2018 Funding

The Missouri Department of Economic Development has announced a second round of funding in 2018 for the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and will be accepting applications in the following funding categories: General Infrastructure, Community Facilities, and Demolition. Applications are due to the CDBG office by close of business on October 1, 2018.General Infrastructure grants are designed to help the local community by improving public infrastructure, drainage, broadband, streets, and bridges and have a maximum request of $500,000. The infrastructure must be publicly owned and meet a CDBG national objective which typically requires benefiting a majority of low-to-moderate income residents.

Community Facility grants can be used to improve a wide range of facilities including senior, day care, and youth centers, recycling centers, rural health clinics, 911 and also provides for specific improvements to assist with ADA compliance (elevators, chair lifts, and major existing restroom renovation).  The maximum application amount is $350,000 or $5,000 per family benefiting and must meet similar national objectives.

Demolition grants help communities eliminate abandoned, crumbling structures that have been deemed unsafe. The primary focus is on residential buildings, but the application can include commercial structures. For applicants to be considered, owners are required to provide matching funds. Residential owners must commit at least $500 to the demolition cost, while commercial owners are required to pay 20% of the demolition cost. The application maximum is 125,000 for housing only but up to 250,000 if commercial is included. CDBG requires that all units proposed for demolition must have been vacant for a minimum of 12 months.