Lower Missouri-Moreau River Watershed.

The Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission is partnering with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to form a Watershed Advisory Committee for the Lower Missouri-Moreau Watershed. The watershed includes parts of eleven counties including Boone, Callaway, Cole, Cooper, Howard and Moniteau counties. 

The goal is to engage local residents and stakeholders in the identification of priorities and ideas for solutions to issues within this watershed. Ultimately, creating a healthy watershed strategy that will help guide local leadership and future planning for water quantity and quality in this area.

This effort is not about regulation, enacted or proposed. It is about sharing information with the goal of developing the understandings and relationships necessary for the creation of a Watershed Advisory Committee and Healthy Watershed Plan for the Lower Missouri-Moreau Watershed.

A watershed is an area of land defined by ridges, from which water flows into a particular water body. Watersheds are important because the stream flow and the water quality of a river are affected by things, human-induced or not, happening in the land area “above” the river-outflow point.

Learn about the benefits of a healthy watershed, why your watershed is important and how you can help protect our watersheds. For more information on the Statewide “Our Missouri Waters” watershed collaborative please visit the MoDNR website here.

If you require more information please contact Ed Siegmund at Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission (573) 657-9779 or Mary Culler at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources at (660) 385-8000.


Lower Missouri-Moreau Watershed Summary (PDF)
Lower Missouri-Moreau Watershed Map (PDF)
Watershed 101 Presentation (PDF)

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