The Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission assists local governments in the region with planning assistance to address individual community needs. Staff is available to assist your community planning efforts for projects that range from evaluation of a targeted community issue or need to development of a comprehensive city plan.

Staff can provide technical assistance services such as:

  • Community and strategic planning facilitation
  • Economic Development Studies
  • Mapping Assistance- including GIS data layers, utility mapping, etc.
  • Public Meeting facilitation
  • Issue research and analysis
  • Staff support for planning and zoning activities
  • Income surveys for grant eligibility

A current concern for many local governments is the need to upgrade wastewater systems to meet new regulations requiring lower levels of ammonia in  discharge. Mid-MO staff have wide experience in assisting communities with planning wastewater projects. For more information, see Wastewater Planning 101.

Examples of planning projects that the planning commission has assisted local governments with include:

In addition, certain regional studies conducted by the RPC have detailed community level information which may be of assistance to your community in planning efforts. See 604(b) Wastewater Survey and Sidewalk Inventories.