Federal Funding Requirement

Every project receiving federal funding requires an environmental review to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which seeks to conserve and protect our nation’s natural resources. In addition to NEPA, some federal departments have statutory requirements relating specifically to the environment and the activities within their domain.

Environmental factors to be considered in an environmental review include: historic properties, floodplain management, wetlands protection, water and air quality, endangered species, farmland protection, airport hazards, noise control, explosive and flammable operations, contamination and toxic materials, and environmental justice.

Environmental considerations should be taken into account in the early planning stages of a project;  they may play an important role in some decisions as site selection. Once a substantially complete description of project activities has been developed, and the project site is known, the formal work on the environmental review can begin. The staff of the Mid-MO RPC can help move a project along by preparing this required review for local member governments.

There are a number of different levels of environmental review depending on the type and complexity of the project. It is important for project planners to understand the environmental review process at the beginning of the project in order to have a realistic expectation of the time frame involved.

Reviews Completed by Mid-MO RPC

The following is a list of recent environmental reviews prepared by the Mid-MO RPC staff:

  • Niekamp Park Trailhead Walking Trail Phase 1, St. Martins (Statutory Checklist)
  • Holts Summit Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Improvements (Environmental Assessment)
  • Glasgow Wastewater Treatment Cell #1 Lagoon Repairs Project (Statutory Checklist)
  • Manchester Heights Wastewater System Improvements Project (Environmental Assessment)
  • Construction of the Discovery Research Institute in Central Missouri (Environmental Assessment)
  • Holts Summit Industrial Infrastructure Project (Environmental Assessment)
  • City of New Franklin Wastewater Treatment Improvements Project (Environmental Assessment)
  • Clarksburg Water System Improvements (Environmental Assessment)
  • Wardsville Water Supply Well No. 2 – Lightning Strike Damage Improvements (Exempt)
  • St. Martins Moreau View Village Senior Housing Improvements (Exempt)
  • California Senior Housing Rehabilitation (Environmental Assessment)
  • Boonville Industrial Infrastructure Project (Environmental Assessment)
  • Pilot Grove Senior Rental Housing Rehabilitation (Environmental Assessment)
  • Hickman House Rehabilitation (Environmental Assessment)
  • Missouri Soybean Association Farm Purchase (Statutory Checklist)