The Mid-MO Regional Planning Commission, with the help of local communities, has completed the process to gather important information on the conditions and needs of municipally owned wastewater treatment facilities in our region.

As part of a statewide project, the Mid-MO RPC received grant funding totaling $19,500 to conduct a survey of municipal wastewater treatment facilities in communities with populations less than 5,000. The goal of the assessment was to give communities the tools to plan and finance needed improvements.  Twenty-five communities in the Mid-MO RPC region participated in the survey.

The results of the statewide surveys are being used in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Statewide Wastewater Assessment (first draft, PDF – 32.7 MB).  This assessment will be used by DNR to create an inventory of needed wastewater system improvements, develop a needs summary and financing guide for the systems, and to work with state and federal agencies to amass financing tools to address needed improvements.

Community survey results can be viewed here: